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Freelancer Uğur Akgöz :

i provide freelance Dataton Watchout operator services, also media design, internet design & solutions in Ankara / Turkey .
also i am working as technican for conference sound PA and wireless infrared simeltaneous translations systems, also computer controlled audio systems. i have supported hundreds of international an national events since 2001.
some photos of me, who i am and what i do :

 ... you can see me during a event setup in Sheraton Ankara as a freelance dataton watchout operator ...       installation of electronic equipments is one the the most i enjoy     

 i joined a seminar at brahler in digital sound processing systems near Köln germany       at a conference in Antalya / Turkey with watchout setup...     

 my P2 workplace!       ... sometimes you get very tired at work ...      

 of course as a IT freak: all of my PC's i mounted on myself        i stayed in this hotel near Cologne for a IT business trip in Germany

 after a success with a dataton watchout widescreen system event , which i joined as a freelance watchout operator      after the hard work during the events, try to spend time for some privat things     

 during a dataton watchout widescreen system event, which i joined as a watchout operator      during events, hard working conditions makes me more furious . this event was even on a small island on the Bosphoros / İstanbul    

 the shop you can see in the background located in Polatlı / Ankara,
is the one, that my father named me .. he toke the idea from that one. really - no joke.      am i romantic / or am i technic ?  no idea!?     

 i am supporting the OECD seminares in Ankara since 2001 , which uses 3-5 languages simultaneous translation       i like riding motorbikes, but i don't own any :(     

my last dataton watchout ver 3.4.2 test in 2008 
this time with four of intel core quad   ;-P       in our last holiday 2007 in Olympos / Antalya
the must if you want a very very great success!     

 my friend red kid and me       a natural walk - this one was near the koru hotel in Bolu

 during the isedak 2006 conference held in istanbul conrad hotel ...       at home ...

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